5 pounds and no hug

Linux Conference is not all about techie stuff. Once the talks are over, it's time to eat and go home.

So, tuesday evening we were looking for dinner at a store (Sainsbury Central or so) when suddenly the alarm goes off. I saw some people running away from the store and it was clear that they robbed something.

So when we got outside, the robber was already caught by the police, not even 10 meters outside of the door. The guy had stolen 4 bottles of expensive champagne, probably not to drink them. 2 police officers were on top of him holding him down.

Anyway, life goes on right ? So we walked down the street to go to the Subway sandwich bar a bit further. Around the corner come 2 patrol cars and a police van at high speed (probably around 90 or 100km/h) driving towards the other 2 policemen.

This is all new to me. First of all, I have never seen policemen in action inn Belgium. And it's not like we have no crime or anything. Maybe this was a lucky strike and maybe Belgian police also reacts this fast. But still... the police caught this robber redhanded and only 10 meters outside of the store, with a huge display of police-force.

It got me thinking about how poverty exists in other countries aswell (obviously)...

When we got out of the Subway sandwich bar, a guy and a girl came to me and asked if they could have some money for food. They looked like they could use it. So I grabbed my wallet, and gave them all the change I had in my wallet.
Which, for some reason, was quite a lot. I believe it was 5 or 6 pounds. They were very happy. The girl said she would hug me, but "he's my boyfriend".

So, no hugs for me :(