using the 16F627 (or any PIC) UART

Last night, I have successfully used the PIC in my own circuit. Blinking some leds is the equivalent of a "hello world" program. Now it's time to do something more interactive.

Instead of jumping in the deep water straight away, I'll just make a LED blinker that is interactive. By writing a byte to the PIC, I can drive 8 bits.

First things first though: I need to learn about how the UART is used on the PIC.

I've read the first paragraphes on and I'm finding it very interesting. Most pages I find concerning PIC are either way over my head (hundreds of lines of assembler) or just contain links to other places.
I'm glad there is also some information for newbies on the web :)

After reading most of the site mentioned above, I know this is not what I need. Instead of using the UART, the site talks about bit banging, which is actually reading out the individual bits sent over the serial line...

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