The most famous classic, in all the world of music

While I'm on this blog, I should record some stupid things.

I should check if mythtv has the ability to keep a database of timings with each media-file so I can skip commercials or intro/outro generics for each of them. I'm thinking about for example That 70's show, which starts with some content, then a generic, then the rest of the content, then a closing generic and then sometimes some content at the end. I'd love to have a meta-database with timings so I can skip the boring parts.

Next, I tested my infrared led in Windows XP with my GSM and it worked ok. That gives me hope that its not broken, despite what tests showed in linux.

Last but not least, I dug up my old wireless headphones and they still work ! This means I can listen to music all the time without bothering anyone :) They have a 80m range, so I could go to the store across the street while listening to my music :P that would be awesome